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Introduction to Horses in Wyoming

The History of Morgan Horses in Wyoming

The history of the Morgan horse breed in Wyoming was recognized during cavalry in World War II. In the early years this particular horse breed was highly useful for its intelligence, speed, endurance and strength. Ranches and farms started very slowly in the early 1900’s due to the inventions of automobiles and farming machinery that was used by farmers and ranch owners which affected the Morgan horse usage as a working farm hand.

During the year of 1951 The Morgan Horse Breeders Association was founded by the Morgan horse breeders that lived in the state of Wyoming. One of the main reasons that this association was formed by the breeders was so the recognition and the ability of this horse breed would continue and be utilized by farmers and ranch owners in this state. The other reason was that they could get classes in the Wyoming State Fair.

The Arabian Horse Association in Wyoming

Arabian horse breeds are a quite popular horse breed in the state of Wyoming. Arabian horses are well treasured and loved by horse owners because they are one of the most intelligent horse breeds known to man. They are very strong, have plenty of speed and endurance. They are also very easy to train in specific horse usages.
Arabian Model Horse

The Wyoming Arabian Horse Association is registered and a member of The Arabian Horse Association. This association is a service for horse owners, breeders and trainers who live in the state of Wyoming and own an Arabian horse. The benefits to present members who own an Arabian horse is this association provides all the necessary training skills, how to challenge yourself and your Arabian in order to reach your goals. This association is highly educational, especially for first time Arabian horse owners. All ages are welcomed.