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Introduction to Horses in Texas

The horse industry has a major impact on the state of Texas's economy. There are 743,000 horses registered in the state and a further 250,000 plus which are unregistered or wild. This brings the states total horse population to 1.3 million which makes it the largest horse populated state of America.

Texas and its horses have a great history as horses helped native Americas and Indians to invade land throughout South America. Once Texas was discovered settlers discover wild herd of Mustang horses throughout the state.

Texas is famous for the American Quarter horse breed, but it also offers a wide variety of other horse breeds. Denton County in Texas has over 25,000 horses in total and it is known as Horse County USA. The land is populated with over 300 horse farms and ranches which are all horse training and boarding facilities. The majority of horse’s farms and ranches throughout Texas specialize in horse breeds such as the Quarter, thoroughbred, paint and Andalusia horses. Driving through the gorgeous state will offer breathe taking views of some of the most beautiful horse pastures, horse barns and mainly horses at play.

In 1946 an organization was formed and still running strong today which is the National Cutting Horse Association. Its main goals are to provide and promote cutting competitions, make contest rules and preserve the cutting horse industry in the state of Texas. The organization holds over 1000 annual shows in this state and each show is judged by a panel of expert cutting horse specialist. These shows contribute to the equine industry in Texas and the cutting horse industry in Texas increases each year. Cutting horses are very popular in this state.

The Arabian horse is also popular in Texas. The North Texas Arabian Horse Club offers a wide variety of horse shows all throughout the year. Some of the shows are Arabian horse events and some of them are open breed events. The Arabian population in Texas is growing and shows are a great event to see up coming talent. Most shows held by the horse club offer $1000 cash prizes for winning and scholarships are prizes for the youth of Texas.