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Horse Breeding

Horses In General

Horses are one of the world’s most versatile animas. Their abilities range from recreational activities, competitive sports, farming, cow farming and as family orientated pets. There are various different types of horse breeds nowadays such as Arabians, Egyptians, Breyers, quarters, Mustangs, Crillo and Calvary.

Each horse breed has distinct traits like Arabians who are known for their speed, intelligence and stamina. Quarter horses are well known for their speed and agility on the race track. Each and every breed offers great substantial benefits to those who use them. Horses are being bred all over the world as part of horse breeding/breeder programs.

An Introduction to Horse Breeding

Horses Horse breeding is defined as the reproduction of horses by human directed processes which plan the mating of the animal to produce domesticated horses. Whilst wild horses breed successfully in the wild without any human assistance, conception may be difficult and take longer than normal.

Humans are able to increase the horse’s chance of conception and to produce champion horses. The male parent of a horse is generally called a stallion and the mother is called a mare. Both parents offer 50% of the genetics needed to produce a foal.

The majority of horse breeders will mate local mares and stallions to provide companionship for the horses. Other professional horse breeders will produce individual breeds for competitive sports purposes. Horse breeders will also create new breeds by using certain characteristics from all types of horse breeds. The mare plays an important role in the anatomy of horse breeding as the foal will take on her characteristics from as early as when they are In the womb. The foal will have physical characteristics of the stallion.

Horse Mating

Horse Mating generally comes natural to horses but when breeding it can be difficult. The most important consideration when horse mating is to properly prepare the horses. When horse mating occurs naturally it can be so much easier for the horse breeder. Assisting horse mating can be a difficult task for the horse breeder and handler as horses on full heat can be destructive when being handled around their genital areas.

To assist the situation, horse breeders will generally push for natural mating by taking the stallion for a walk into the mare’s pen. If the mare is ready then it may begin naturally. Caution should be taken in this action because if the stallion is inexperienced he may mount the mare with all his weight and cause her to lose balance and move from side to side.
Horse Mating

Horses generally come into heat around spring and summer so it is a great time to introduce the mare and stallion ready to be bred. This can also be determined by a horse breeder. Racing horse breeders generally like their foals to be born in early January so that they are mature and ready for all race events.

Horse Feeding Horse breeders generally need to be confident and know exactly what they are doing before being involved in horse mating. There are all sorts of information courses, books and videos to further their knowledge on horse mating.

Horse Breeder

A Horse Breeder is someone who has years of knowledge on horses, horse breeding and horse mating. Their main objectives are to produce fine and intelligent horses for a wide variety of purposes. Some breeders operate from farms and ranches and they will breed up to 50 horses or more a year. They may choose their own preferred breed of horse or they may be skilled in producing new breeds of horses. Extensive training and workshops are held by horse breeders to offer those interested some vital information on being a successful horse breeder.

Horse breeders will offer their newly bred foals up for sale to the general public and they will also hold annual showing events to show off new breeds and show horses. A horse breeder is a patient and special person who thrives on the anatomy of horses and producing them to be fine young mares. Horse breeders will care for young foals that have just been born until they are ready to compete in shows or sports. Training is conducted by a horse breeder to ensure that the baby foals do not turn feral.